Why Choose Melatonin

Why Choose Melatonin

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People all over the world have a fetish for different skin tone. Do you know Brazilian skin tone is considered to be sexiest in the world! This is because they have a tinge of tan that makes their skin glow. Artificial tanning has always been an option before new technologies were launched in the market. But with time, the demand and requirement has changed. Melatonin are the things that people are opting for over tan sprays.

What is Melanotan ll peptide or mt2 tanning?

This is a replica of naturally occurring hormones inside a person’s body. Melanin is responsible for natural skin pigmentation. What melanin does is that, it just makes the skin tone dark. On the other hand, melatonin 5mg not only add pigment but also enhance skin’s luster.

What is Tan spray?

It is a chemical mist that is sprayed on the body which reacts with the skin, resulting in a tan. The main component of this product is Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. They come in various colour shades that are chemically made to change the tone of the upper dermal layer.

Which is a safer option: mt2 tanning injections or spray tan?

As mentioned above, melatonin is a natural hormone initiator; whereas spray tans are chemical based. It has been tested and proved that mt2 tanning has no side effects.

But when it comes to spray tan, in 2010, FDA reported that inhaling DHA is not very good for health. So if one is using spray tan on face, it can cause some health issues.

Which one lasts longer?

Melanotan II peptide is a natural process which will take time to start but will have a very long lasting effect. The only problem is that people usually tend to lose patience and looks for immediate result. One needs to understand that, a body cannot change overnight.

If we consider spray tan, then the result is immediate, but it just lasts for 4 to 7 days depending on the skin type. If the derma tone is very light, it will start fading early.

Difference based on appearance

Melatonin give a more natural tone as it comes from within the body. It spreads equally on every part of the body where it is injected and results in an even tone skin.

On the other hand, temporary sprays for tanning give a very artificial appearance. They make the epidermis a bit rough and dry which doesn’t look very appealing.

Pocket pinch

To buy melatonin a 10mg bottle of costs around £24 which include a pack of syringe too. For bulk buying like 4 bottles of 10mg mt2, the price is less, around £115.

A proper spray tan kit will cost around £80 which can be used at home by you. In case you are getting it done at a professional salon, the bottle itself cost around £20 to £30 plus added charge. The major problem of artificial tanning is, one needs to repeat the process every week to maintain the derma tone.

Now, it is quite evident why one should opt for melatonin over other chemical processes. This is why; if you are planning to get a glorious glow on your body, opt for the best from an authentic online store. Get your product with just a click away. Feel more confident in your new tanned skin in a budget-friendly, safe and natural way.

Maxine Pierce

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